Desktop Applications

IQ2Life Desktop Apps
Point of Sale / Inventory management

Desktop Application, This system fully automates the commercial stores and provides easy screens for the cashier to facilitate and accelerate the sale process, whether in one or more branches – it also provides the advantage of linking sales operations to items and quantities that are physically located inside the store / stores of the store.

The system also provides all the stored services to follow up the sale and purchase of items, manage the accounts of customers and suppliers, and provide statistical reports of all activities on the system.

System features and specifications

The system has four main functions that are completely related to each other
  • Easy screen to sell items by barcode, search by code or item number, or search by name –
  • Apply discount rates on the sales invoice, according to the type of customer –
  • Linking the sale to the current store quantities –
  • Lock and delivery today / pink
  • Sales returns
  • Cashmere expenses and petty cash
  • Reports of all exchange and return transactions, total sales and discounts
  • Tree format for building the item index (with / without codes) with no maximum vertical and horizontal branching
  • Opening the possibility of more than one item code (international code – resource code – internal code)
  • Supports barcode system with the ability to connect the program to barcode devices to read items
  • Determine the minimum, maximum, and re-order limits for each item at the level of each store
  • Different balances for each item (Total Quantity Balance / Purchase Orders / Under Inspection / Reserved Quantity / Net Balance)
  • More than one unit of measure for the same variety
  • Receiving items quantities without values ​​and preventing overdraft permanently
  • Reservation cycle and its relationship to supply orders
  • Receipt from work orders and purchase orders
  • The examination and receiving cycle
  • The possibility of spending raw materials in the production order from more than one warehouse
  • The ability to add items only quantities without value and exchange them is free
  • Exactly
  • Transfer and transfer requests
  • The hyperlink between the distribution group (sales – purchases – stores)
  • Calculate inventory cost in a continuous or periodic inventory method
  • Complete customer registration with E-mail and Mobile number selected to take advantage of the system of notifications addressed to them from within the system
  • The sales system relates to the warehouse and production system, general accounts, receipts, payments and letters of guarantee
  • A complete sales cycle, from quotes and sales orders to invoices, returns, and discount notifications
  • Record sales invoices that contain discounts, taxes and prices and print them from within the system and present them to customers
  • Record the date of release and the due date on future invoices for use in the life of the debt
  • Create daily and automatic daily restrictions for public accounts based on recording sales invoices
  • The possibility of using alternatives to items when selling
  • Add the expenses related to the sold shipment and its effect on the account statements and daily restrictions
  • Create all types of sales returns available (without maximum)
  • Define all types of taxes (value ratio) and determine their treatment (deduction / addition)
  • Using the different currencies that were created using the general accounts system.
  • The ability to download sales order data from quotes.
  • Full follow up of sales orders received from customers and converted into sales invoices
  • Show the balance of the item available for exchange when registering supply orders after subtracting quantities of reserved items
  • Upload all or part of the sales order to one or more invoices
  • Upload all or part of the exchange authorizations to one or more invoices
  • Record the reservation from stock based on supply orders
  • A statement of account statement for each customer detailed with billing information and collections
  • Items details for each bill appear in the statement of account (quantity – price – value)
  • A complete supplier record containing all general and commercial data, delegates and linking with discounts and taxes
  • Connecting the Supplier Register with the Approval Suppliers List
  • Define all types of purchases with control over how to link with accounts and stores
  • Automatic and immediate daily restrictions resulting from the registration of purchase documents
  • A complete purchasing cycle (domestic – foreign)
  • Follow up on orders and check orders
  • Issuing requests for automatic quotations and recording offers received from suppliers
  • Follow-up to purchase orders and linking them with the store receipt cycle
  • Transferring all or part of the purchase orders to purchase notes or purchase invoices
  • Record purchase invoices and the ability to download from purchase orders and add inventory
  • Record expenses related to purchases and their impact on shipment items and supplier account statements
  • Record the returns of purchases and link them to the purchase voucher
  • Account statement report for each supplier and supplier review balance
  • Linking with payments (cash – checks)
  • Reports to track purchase requisitions, purchase orders and quotations